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So what is your dream house?

You’re living the dream! You are about to build your own home!

A home which will provide safety and warmth and will reflect you in every line, object and niche…

It has to be perfect in every aspect, after all, it is a reflection of you.. 


So how do you even start?

Behind every house there’s a story.

When I plan a home, the first things I consider, are the family needs and personal taste. I bring my own design 'know how' and flavor it with visionary architectural principals.

No matter whether you are building a new house or planning to renovate, at any stage I’ll draw the perfect plan for you and your family. I believe that when all practical and design needs are taken into account, the house is flawless and perfectly tailored.


What works for you?

Every family has its own routine and life style, and the dynamic is different from one family to another. When I design a house I first understand the customer’s wishes and life style and together we build the dream house.

The more diverse the customer is, the more diverse the house will be. Every room will be a mirror to his different wishes and personality.


Which part of my experience is relevant for your project?

I am an interior designer, a graduate of the college of Academic management, and a Feng Shui consultant.

I founded the interior design program at the Interdisciplinary College of Architecture and Design in Tel Aviv, and I guide students in various settings. I worked in the offices of well-known architects (Perry Davidovich, Anat Ayalon, Gurevich Architects) for ten years and I have vast experience in planning and designing luxury apartments, houses, offices and commercial spaces.


I would love to learn about your dreams and see if we can build it together. If we vote “yes” to this project, I will deliver your dream house, tailored and customized like a glove to the hand. What can I say? The sky is the limit..


      972-50-2424701   or

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